The politics of quality of the services offered by ZARDBRASIL is based on the following

     guide lines:

  1. To satisfy the explicit and implicit necessities of our customers
  2. To accomplish agreed delays in a transparent and safe way
  3. To strength our team through the work in group, training and use of modern techniques of work
  4. To ensure an adequate environment to the continued improvement
  5. To act ahead of facts and based on real data
  6. To promote a relation of partnership with our suppliers and customers 


                 Following the above direction lines, we offer to our customers:

  1. Assistance for the logistic planning of the operations.
  2. Planning of the exportation and importation costs.
  3. Coordination and accompaniment of the order of the importer next to the producer.
  4. Transferring of funds of the importer for the producing one, with exchange contract closing.
  5. Accompaniment of the production corresponding to the order.
  6. Verification and conference of the merchandises ready for shipment and its packing.
  7. Checking of the Harmonized Classification (SH / NCM).
  8. Registering the operation in Brazilian import/export control system.
  9. Exportation and importation under the name of ZARDBRASIL, with the applied taxes in Brazil enclosed in the budget. By prior agreement.
  10. Emission and conference of the documentation of the exportation process, as commercial invoice, packing list, bill of landing.
  11. Issuing of Certified of Origin, License of Exportation, when applicable and requested by the importer.
  12. Quoting, contracting and coordinating of picking the merchandise from the place of production until shipment place.
  13. Quoting, contracting and coordinating of international freight and insurance.
  14. Sending of shipping documents to the importer.