ZARDBRASIL works very with a great variety of products, from fashion jewelry until industrial equipment.

   Our focus is in taking care of to all the necessities of our customers, in an efficient and honest way. ay.

   Among the products we offer, you will have: 

  • Oil & Gas equipments

  • Graphical Inks

  • Hydraulical material

  • Feminine fashion

  • Mobile and objects of decoration

  • Industrial equipments for refineries, distilleries, gas and oil

  • Blocks of concrete manufacture equipment, for walls and pavement

  • Pavement painting equipment and horizontal and vertical signaling

  • Wines, liquors, champagnes, brandies and vodkas

  • Chocolates and cookies

  • Lingerie made of bamboo fabric

  • Handcrafted jewelry, made with Brazilian stones and native seeds of the Amazonian forest

  • Clothes for babies in bamboo fabric